Enneagram Obsession

For those who know me more personally, they know that I am a freak about the Enneagram.  A few summers ago, I was part of a magical team at SpringHill camps, and our program director opened my fellow counselors and I up to the Enneagram as a team building exercise, and we have been hooked ever since. I have never really be into astrology or personality tests, they have all seemed pretty random and never seemed to really “get me.”  

Here is how the Ennegram got me:

My program director (trying to figure out my “type”):  “Do you easily get depressed?”

 Yes.  How did you know that?

Program director: “Do you feel melancholy more than others around you?”  “Do you see the world in artistic terms?”  “Do you feel uncomfortable until the area around you aesthetically pleases you?”   “Do you spend a significant amount of time in solo activities like journaling?” 

Yes. Yes. Yes. Uh huh.  How did you know?  

Program director:  “You are probably a four.”  Actually, three out of the four people on our team that summer were fours (the other was a care giving two).

Now, I know that I am speaking a foreign language, but quite simply, there are nine personality types.  But, the beauty of the enneagram is that your personality is not stationary.  Just like a normal person, your personality can shift to other “types” when you are “healthy” mentally, and when you are “unhealthy” mentally.  

Before I muddle up everything, take a test:


or http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/English/dis_sample_36.asp

(I would take both, to see where you fall.  I had to take the test a few times and talk it out with a friend who knew her stuff to figure out that I was indeed a “four.”)

Then, the fun begins!  Explore the types that you scored the highest in to see which one fits with you.  Usually, the type that you actually are will scream out to you: “HOW DID YOU KNOW THIS ABOUT ME!?”  

Enneagram Four

Then, take a look at these resources and click on your type to explore!



Also, if you are interested in how the Enneagram will affect your approach to diet and exercise, I just discovered this little gem:



Have fun!  And, I would love some comments telling me which type you think you are!  


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