Outonawalk… with my husband

They say that the most important thing in a relationship is communication.    Right around dusk, we set out to walk around Newburgh Lake, which is very close to our apartment.  Because of this habit, we have had four miles worth of talking time nearly every night. The trail entails paved and unpaved surfaces, woods, open lake views, and even some meadow-type areas.  Really, it’s a perfect, compact little hike.


(One nice thing about going on walks with my husband is that I have a built-in photographer!)

Ben and I have really taken on a good deal projects as a couple.  Both of us are tying to eat better (we’ve cut out a lot of grains and sugars from our diet), and we’ve made sure to make exercise a bigger part of our time together.  Actually, it’s like getting back to our roots, because one of the first things that we did as a couple in college was wake up at the wee hours of 7am (an early hour for many coeds) and hit the gym.  That said, we have both lost a bit of weight, and it has given us a solid hour-or-so to talk and catch up on the day without the hindrance of a computer screen (admittedly, we both love our laptops a bit too much).

Also, if you like my blog, you can thank Ben for encouraging me to write more.  What a guy!



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