Classroom Makeover, Round Three (Before!)

I am now beginning the third school year at my school, and I am settling into my third classroom.  The joke is that I am the “classroom fairy,” I make a room over, and I get moved.  However, this move is particularly exciting!  I am now the proud tenant of a room previously occupied by my English teacher predecessor, who had enough clout to have a wall knocked out, and her room made into a double room.  Not only am I teaching 7th and 8th grade English this year, I am also teaching Drama, so the extra room has been a great resource!

Now, down to the fun stuff!  Here are the befores:

2013-08-27 09.13.28

This room was previously used for a special needs class and a latchkey program, and the previous English teacher left a lot of her stuff and it was never cleaned out.  So, I had a LOT of work to do!  This is the north side of the room…

2013-08-27 09.13.38

…and this is the south side of the room.  You may notice the random school furniture, including desks, tables, and lunchroom tables.

2013-08-27 09.13.14

This is a glamour shot of the things that I moved from my old room.  Check out the re-vamp of my old classroom here: Before and After 

2013-08-27 09.13.43

Notice the line where the wall used to be.

Obviously, this room was in need of some TLC!

Click here for the “After” post!


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