Toasted Coconut Porter

This post is part of my month-long quest to cut out junk food.  Check out the first post here.

Breakfast– Leftover fajita steak and veggies (Feeling: Happy because it is a good, protein and veggie-filled meal.  Ate it in the car on the way to work.)

Lunch: Amy’s Organics Enchilada meal (Feeling:  Tense, because I am only twenty minutes away from parents-teacher conferences.  They have not given us the report cards yet, and I know parents will be knocking down my door any minute. I always end up loving PTC, but the pre-game leaves me twitchy.)

Dinner: Plowman’s lunch at The Box Bar in Plymouth.  This meal comprises of two sausages, a pretzel, and assorted cheeses.  I have noticed that when you avoid things with fries and pop, a whole part of the menu that one may never consider opens up.  I also enjoyed a Paw Paw Toasted Coconut Porter (DE-LISH!)   If you live in the Metro Detroit area, The Box is a fantastic place with more types of beer than you will ever be able to drink and great food.  The company was also pretty stellar, as our friend from Midland was visiting.  Downtown was abuzz with people eating on the street and families playing in the square.  (Check out the pictures that I linked to Plowman’s lunch.  I could eat like that every day and love my life!)

Victories:  In downtown Plymouth there are two wonderful dessert places: Just Baked (where I got my wedding cupcakes!) and Kilwins, which has the best scoop ice cream around.  Even though one in our party got a cupcake, I was happy with a taste of his gingersnap cookie.

I rate today: 7/10  The nacho cheese that came with the Plowman’s lunch wasn’t exactly gourmet and I tasted that gingersnap.  However, I did avoid snacking after work, and fries and pop at the restaurant, so I consider today a win.

2014-04-11 18.51.40
Paw Paw Toasted Coconut Porter- Tastes like dessert!

Ps. In the spirit of Outonawalk, I even got out on a nice stroll with my husband around sunset.  Hello spring!


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