Getting Creative: Part One

One part of a medically-supervised VLCD is the conundrum of making the packet-packed food into something that is

A. Edible and B. Filling.

I am using the BetterMD program, and there are plenty of options and optional foods to add in.  Optional foods include veggies, light dressings, pickles, and other very lightly caloric foods.   Here is a sample of how I’ve kept things interesting:

2015-06-18 14.20.13 2015-06-17 20.18.09 2015-06-17 14.13.45

Picture 1:  Vegetarian Chili packet with peppers and broccoli.

Picture 2:  Vegetarian Sloppy Joe Packet  made into lettuce tacos with red and green peppers.

Picture 3:  Chicken Soup packet  with white mushrooms added.

So, there you go!  A little creativity has made these meals more palatable and filling.

My second nutritionist appointment is in a little over a week, so I will post my actual progress then.  (Hint: There has been progress!)


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