Before and After: Living Room Addition! (And a weight update)

Living Room before:

2013-12-27 18.17.22

Original green walls that our house came with.   Admittedly, these pictures were taken closer to when we moved in.  Apologies for the glare, I have thoroughly scolded two-years-ago-me for not taking a better picture.  Observe the Christmas cards on the fake mantle: 2013-12-27 18.17.44



Thanks to my new Galaxy S6, these pictures look A LOT better than the older ones!


If you are not someone who sees me regularly in “real” life, we have a lot of people who regularly frequent our house.  We love having people over, and we loved that our “regulars” got a vote in our final accent wall color!

The New! 

Paint:  The color is called “Deep Iron River” by Glidden, which was color-matched by Sherwin-Williams (Who is having a 40% off sale right now!)

Black Table: Ikea LACK $44.99

White Flower Bowl: Ikea STOCKHOLM $19.99

White Storage Baskets: Ikea KANARRA $8.99/each

The Old: Items we already owned! 

Art and frames: Courtesy of high school me, purchased from Pier One Imports circa 2005.

Bamboo:  An impulse buy from Walmart around 2009.  It has outgrown it’s original pot, and it loves the semi-shaded area by our big window!

Couches: Free, thanks to my Aunt’s friend who was remodeling around the time that we moved in!

Black Iron Shelves:  Garbage picked!

Mantle:  Wedged next to the couch as an extra end-table.  Also garbage picked!

Wooden Lamp:  Hand-made by Ben’s uncle and gifted to us recently by Mom and Dad Curley.

Mulan Globe:  Picked out my ten year old Glo from the Disney Store!

Labor:  A big thanks to my roommate and his girlfriend, who helped (read: did most of the work) painting and building the table!


Hold UP! Where is the weight update?  Well, I have had a severe road bump in my progress.  I’ve realized that going on a diet is not going to cure my underlying mood issues.  My nutritionist has referred me to a Behavioral Health Specialist to help me get over my mental hurdles.  I appreciate any support while I sort out this huge part of my weight loss journey.  It may seem like I haven’t made any progress, but I assure you, this help was a long time coming.  Instead of “falling off of the wagon” or any of that other failure-oriented jargon that is attached to weight loss, I am counting this as a much-needed intervention and an overall positive part of the process.


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