The Results are in!

In February, I sent a tube of spit to Ancestry DNA.  This was to serve as a present to myself for my 30th birthday, as well as a gift for my sister.  On Saturday, we got the long-anticipated email that our results were in!

We had some surprises!


For a long time, we had figured that we were VERY Irish, and recently, I have found a lot of English ancestors.  However, this is not the bulk of our heritage!  Great Britain and Ireland only accounted for a small fraction of our results.  Even higher than Ireland was Scandinavia, which we did not anticipate!  Apparently, we are part Viking!

The Polish, German, and Austrian blood account for a lot of the Eastern and Western European results. Italy and Greece, though!?  Nope, didn’t know that one!


Now for the REALLY interesting bit of information.  Notice that the European blood only accounts for 99% of our heritage.

Where is that missing 1%?  Apparently, SOUTH ASIA!



Talked with mom and dad, and we are pretty sure it has to be from dad’s British roots.  Pretty cool!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I am really excited to make connections with cousins that the site found for us!

See the whole thing here


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