Its 40 degrees in Michigan…

…and you know what that means!  Its time to think Spring!   Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to take a walk to Mill Pond Park!

There is a cool side path that goes down near the marshy area.  Here is my boyfriend posing on the trail!

A picture of the Chippewa River from one of the two bridges!

Can you see me on the bridge?   I am flinging my arms wide open to make myself bigger 😀

Remember the bridge from the last picture?  This is a picture taken from it.  Underneath is a little waterfall that is fun to tube down in the summer.

After we left the park, we went to the grocery store and got some dinner to make, and ended up spending the evening with friends!  Nothing says party like pizza and wine!  Overall, our walk was about four miles!


Studying in a “Roundabout” Way!

Hello there!  Today I was supposed to have a Debate exam at 2pm, so I got up early and walked downtown to study at a small coffee shop called the Roundabout Cafe (which is located near downtown’s new roundabout.)  For people who know the downtown area, it used to be the Daily Grind, whose owners focused their efforts on their new Italian restaurant, Tavola Gigi’s on Mission.

Barn house

Here is a lovely example of some of the interesting houses in Mount Pleasant.  I could write a whole blog on houses that I find interesting, but here just one for today.  Notice the barn structure and the wrap-around porch.  Beautiful!


When I saw this house, I walked right on by.  However, I turned around for the sake of my boyfriend, who is always making fun of hippies.   Notice the sign.  Now notice the peace sign wreath.  There must be an interesting story here…


A picture of the Roundabout Cafe’s shop front.  I just love downtowns, I hope to live in a place with a pretty downtown one day.


And finally, my seat for a couple hours of studying.   The kicker to this story, however, is that I went to my midterm and no one showed up to give it to us!  So, my week just got better!  Only one more day until Spring Break!

Out on a Walk


My name is Gloriann.  The concept for this blog came to me the other day and this is my first attempt to bring it to life.  I am a person who loves walking.  Even in my college town, I love to explore new trails or new streets with a book-on-tape in my ears, good shoes on my feet and eyes open for all of God’s natural wonders (and some man-made, too!)

My second reason for making this blog is for heath reasons.  Almost a year ago I was diagnosed as having low thyroid hormones, or hypothyroidism.  This makes it hard for me to maintain a healthy body weight, among a slurry of other side effects.  Though I work out regularly at the gym (3x a week,) I wanted to start a more sustainable practice that will last after my free college membership expires.

Thirdly, I have been wondering about significance and meaning in my life.  I am reading a book by Donald Miller called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, in which the author writes about life as a story.   I do not want to be another one of those people who succumb to the societal trap of dieting and low self image (something I’ve worked on getting out of for a while, and I don’t want to turn back, thank-you-very-much!)  So, this is my humble attempt to incorporate my love for beauty, my love for walking and my love of body into one blog.  Enjoy <3.

Pictures from my walk to the local grocery store, a habit that I started last week.  There is something wonderful about only being able to carry what you need for the week, and not having a car in which to load the excess.  Only 1.34 miles, but its a wonderful neighborhood-y walk.


My destination.  This grocery store started in Mount Pleasant, and is now all over the state.  I like to think I’m supporting local business.

So icy!  Thats Michigan for ya!

And finally, a picture of the traffic as the sun is setting.  What a beautiful day for a walk!