It is -2 degrees outside…

As you may notice, there are not a lot of “walks” on Outonawalk recently.  Sadly, the weather has not permitted promising walking weather.  However, in light of my sister taking our car this weekend, I had to rely on my feet to get me where I wanted to go.

Though the wind felt like it was freezing my eyes open, the view was beautiful!  I got a new toy:

It’s a heart rate monitor watch!  I initially got it to take my heart rate during workout videos (Netflix has a bunch of great ones on instant view!)  But I have also liked having it when I go to the gym and the heart rate contraptions on the cardio machines don’t work.  I got this baby at Staples of all places(it’s a Mio Drive Petite for anyone who is interested.)  It even logs the calories your burn during an activity based on your heart rate.  It’s been a great purchase!

It was a good two mile walk all together to the gym and back.  More cold in the forecast!


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