Before and After: Seventeen Pounds Lost! (Week 4)

Before:  271/ 5’10


2015-06-16 07.09.53

Today: 254/ 5’10

2015-07-02 07.17.33  2015-07-02 07.17.07

Firstly, I am starting to see that there is nowhere in my house that is fit to take a good selfie.  I am going to have to remedy this somehow.  How am I supposed to document my narcissism along with my other internet progress picture ilk?

Secondly, I was planning on waiting until my 20 pound mark, but I was feeling pretty cute today.  I was not expecting to see much progress yet, but I am really starting to see it!  Especially in my face and arms!

Getting Creative: Part One

One part of a medically-supervised VLCD is the conundrum of making the packet-packed food into something that is

A. Edible and B. Filling.

I am using the BetterMD program, and there are plenty of options and optional foods to add in.  Optional foods include veggies, light dressings, pickles, and other very lightly caloric foods.   Here is a sample of how I’ve kept things interesting:

2015-06-18 14.20.13 2015-06-17 20.18.09 2015-06-17 14.13.45

Picture 1:  Vegetarian Chili packet with peppers and broccoli.

Picture 2:  Vegetarian Sloppy Joe Packet  made into lettuce tacos with red and green peppers.

Picture 3:  Chicken Soup packet  with white mushrooms added.

So, there you go!  A little creativity has made these meals more palatable and filling.

My second nutritionist appointment is in a little over a week, so I will post my actual progress then.  (Hint: There has been progress!)

Day One- Crying at the Doctor’s Office

“Back in my country, it was very hard to get fat.”  My newly-appointed, middle aged, rolly-poly doctor talked to me about her girlhood in India.   “When I came back from studying in the United States, my mother gasped at how fat I had gotten.”

I shifted in my gown, trying to look intently and nod approvingly at her story, but I knew that this was a lead-in to a lecture.  I was a captive audience (literally, because my clothes were neatly folded on a chair.)

“Have you tried to lose weight before?” she asked, not looking up from her chart.

I wanted to scream.  YES.  I have been dieting since I was twelve. I’ve been bullied about my weight since children could verbalize their hatred for me.  I could show you the diaries that I still have, detailing everything I ate down to the calorie.  I could tell her about Weight Watchers, Atkins, Paleo, or the countless hours spent on the treadmill.  I wanted to gush out every sad detail that had led me to the highest weight I had ever seen on a scale.

All I could manage was, “Yes,” and mumbled something about how I have been trying my whole life.

“Well, obviously you are not doing enough.”

Tears started to build behind my eyelids.  All I could do is create a blinking dam and hope they weren’t too red.

The sad part was, she was right.  No matter what sort of resume I could present her, the weighty truth is that I had failed.  I had failed at every single line item I could throw out as a defense.

I almost threw out the Weight Management Program packet when it came in the mail.  “I know how to count calories,” I thought, contemptuously.   It sat on a shelf, and the longer I really was honest with myself, the more I realized that i needed something drastic to change, or I would be 300 pounds before I knew it.


I am going to stop here for today.  One of the reasons I am chronicling my journey, is that I have found very few blogs that really follow this process closely.  I Googled in vain to find only a few chat boards and Reddit posts about medically-supervised VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diets,) or meal-replacement type diets.  I am creating this new chapter of my blog to help anyone who plans to try it.

So, I tip my shaker to you.

2015-06-16 07.26.55

Memory (-ial Day) Lane

Is it possible to get jealous of your former self?

I took a walk (get it?  It’s a play on my blog’s name!) through my old entries, and I wished that I had recorded more from the last few years.

So, I getting back on the trail (I SLAY myself!)

Today, I took some selfies with my parents during our Memorial Day festivities.  Enjoy!

2015-05-25 20.10.20

My mom, Dona, and…

2015-05-25 20.10.47

…my dad Russ.  I think I am a good mix of the two :).

Happy Memorial Day!

Toasted Coconut Porter

This post is part of my month-long quest to cut out junk food.  Check out the first post here.

Breakfast– Leftover fajita steak and veggies (Feeling: Happy because it is a good, protein and veggie-filled meal.  Ate it in the car on the way to work.)

Lunch: Amy’s Organics Enchilada meal (Feeling:  Tense, because I am only twenty minutes away from parents-teacher conferences.  They have not given us the report cards yet, and I know parents will be knocking down my door any minute. I always end up loving PTC, but the pre-game leaves me twitchy.)

Dinner: Plowman’s lunch at The Box Bar in Plymouth.  This meal comprises of two sausages, a pretzel, and assorted cheeses.  I have noticed that when you avoid things with fries and pop, a whole part of the menu that one may never consider opens up.  I also enjoyed a Paw Paw Toasted Coconut Porter (DE-LISH!)   If you live in the Metro Detroit area, The Box is a fantastic place with more types of beer than you will ever be able to drink and great food.  The company was also pretty stellar, as our friend from Midland was visiting.  Downtown was abuzz with people eating on the street and families playing in the square.  (Check out the pictures that I linked to Plowman’s lunch.  I could eat like that every day and love my life!)

Victories:  In downtown Plymouth there are two wonderful dessert places: Just Baked (where I got my wedding cupcakes!) and Kilwins, which has the best scoop ice cream around.  Even though one in our party got a cupcake, I was happy with a taste of his gingersnap cookie.

I rate today: 7/10  The nacho cheese that came with the Plowman’s lunch wasn’t exactly gourmet and I tasted that gingersnap.  However, I did avoid snacking after work, and fries and pop at the restaurant, so I consider today a win.

2014-04-11 18.51.40
Paw Paw Toasted Coconut Porter- Tastes like dessert!

Ps. In the spirit of Outonawalk, I even got out on a nice stroll with my husband around sunset.  Hello spring!

Button-bursting Realization

Sometimes in life, you have a “WTF” moment. I had one yesterday sitting in my new doctor’s office.  I was wearing a dress that had at one time belonged to my sister when she was working on a beautiful island vacation spot as a hostess.  Over that summer, she shrunk out of that dress, as there were no cars allowed on the island so she had to walk everywhere.

I, on the other hand, have been growing into it.  And growing.  And Growing.  Growing until I was sitting on the doctor’s exam table, with a mirror to my left, seeing myself sitting sideways in all of my near-button busting glory.

Now, I’ve been priding my self on my new gains in self-esteem.  I really give myself credit for being able to break away from the diet culture that has plagued me since middle school.  I refuse to count calories ever again.  I refuse to be told that fat is bad for me and low-fat carbs are healthier.  I’ve moved past that, and, society has begun to move past that.  (Check out these guys if you don’t believe me, check out Mark Sisson and Tom Naughton to name a few.)  On top of that, I have a husband who relentlessly lets me know that he loves me and lets me know that I am beautiful, and that has been healing.

But, the sacrifices I’ve made for my mental health have been affecting my physical health.  Though you cannot tell me that I am not beautiful anymore, you can tell me that there are things I need to clear up with my health.  So, this month I’ve decided to ditch the junk food and blog about it.

2014-04-11 06.30.20